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Girl Scout Handbook (1929)

In the Girl Scout Handbook (1929), the following activities were required to receive a “Craftsman Symbol—Primitive Decorative Design” Badge:

While this documentation doesn’t explicitly state that these arts and crafts activities were included at Girl Scout camps, we can infer that these activities were probably very similar to those at camps at this time. Also, based on evidence from Porter Sargent’s Handbook for Summer Camps and Summer in the Girls Camp, we know that these were common and popular activities in this era of summer camps. 

girl scout 1920 cover_edited_edited.png

SchoolArts Magazine from Davis Press is one of the leading publications for research and development in Art Education today. The inclusion of this publication is exciting evidence demonstrating the strong connections between the field of art education and arts and crafts programming in summer camps from its early beginnings!

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Connections to Art Education 

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