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A Handbook of Arts and Crafts

Wankelman, Wigg, & Wigg


Starting in the early 1970s, A Handbook of Arts And Crafts was published as a resource designed for art educators and elementary school teachers to provide activities for promoting and enhancing creativity. The resource contained illustrated step-by-step guidelines for the art and crafts activities, as well as the “background, context, and activities they need to successfully integrate the arts into their classroom.” For example, the 1973 edition began with an Art and Teaching section, containing Basic Concepts of Art Instruction, The Art World of the 

Child, and Positive and Negative of Creative Art Teaching. From 1970-1999, there were at least 8 updated editions, adding new activities, materials, and information for educators. It is very plausible that arts and crafts instructors at summer camps during this time could have used this resource, among the many others that existed!

View a few of the editions below: