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Camp Director's Handbook and Buying Guide

Camping Magazine 


Introduced in 1950, Camping Magazine included a yearly Camp Director’s Handbook and Buying Guide. This guide included a plethora of resources for camp directors, including contacts to purchase supplies and materials, where to find counselors and employees, suggested programming, and yearly calendars outlining common tasks and expectations to ensure a successful camping season. Specifically related to arts and crafts, “Basic Craft Principles” and a “Graded List of Craft Projects” were provided, outlining popular and common materials used by arts and crafts programs and age-appropriate activities and projects. The resources also feature comprehensive lists of available suppliers which directors might order materials from. After 1952, the resource did not see much change from year to year. Camping Magazine continued to publish these guides, and now the American Camp Association provides an annual Buyer’s Guide List online.


Click below to expand and preview a sample selection from 1950, 1953, 1956, 1958, and 1960.